Aradia “Gamma”
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Aradia “Gamma”

Aradia released “Gamma”. a dynamic hyperpop single that brings vigor and excitement back to the final dog days of summer. While Aradia’s other tracks have notes of EDM energy, “Gamma’s” fast-paced and effortless vocals are reminiscent of modern internet sensations like 100 Gecs, taking off from the jump; a joyful, energetic celebration of life encapsulated in a song.

Discussing her newest single, Aradia said “Gamma is the perfect first single to represent my forthcoming album, which focuses on uplifting messaging, while also fusing together the trendy 80’s infused synth pop genre with my indietronica style.” Aradia’s style is certainly difficult to pinpoint as she pioneers her own, new genre; “Gamma in particular emulates the typical boastful freestyle rap form, but in the form of a melodic invitation into my world, where everything is brighter and future-focused – beyond the physical realm.”

This Brooklyn native is a self-produced alt-pop electronica musician, working alongside producer Doug Romanow on this particular project. Her inspiration often comes from the amalgamation of sounds around her on the New York City streets; it’s one of the best ways for her to glean inspiration. Returning to her apartment, she sits at her desktop, recalling inspiration garnered from the concrete jungle, crafting the cacophony of noise into an urban symphony.

Citing the iconic German supergroup Kraftwerk as a formative inspiration in her musical journey, Aradia has a clear vision for the kind of music she wants to create and exactly how she wants to make it. Music from Aradia is hers through and through — turn on one of her tracks and it’s her vocals, her instrumentals, and her production come to life.

The lyric video for “Gamma” premiered simultaneously with streaming services on YouTube. The line drawings sketch out the lyrics and silhouettes of Aradia in bright neon, reflecting her lyrics “My life is so bright.” The video is an almost chalk-board style animation that alludes to the youthful feelings of joy and innocence that shine through in “Gamma’s” lyrics.

Rather than focus on commercial response, Aradia is laser-focused on the details of a song feeling right. Aradia has been playing music since she was a child, and her roots in the classical music world yield intricate, layered work in the present-day. She applies these roots when producing sounds with her imaginative touch, unique perspective, and expert musical skill set. The result of her craft is an original 80s infused anthemic sound. Aradia is eager to contribute to creating a more equitable world, and hopes to encourage more women to take up production, too. She loves being at the board, but wants more people like her in the room.

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