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Kooma “SSNS (feat. DNTST)”

(Artist Bio) | December 20, 2022

Magnetic electronic producer Kooma will be releasing his latest dynamic mixtape, Freefall, on the 16th of December via Floating, Drifting Records. On the project, listeners will find the single ‘SSNS (feat. DNTST)’. Kooma has previously seen notable radio coverage, having been interviewed on YleX, one of Finland’s major national public […]

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Kasztan “Working Together”

(Artist Bio) | November 29, 2022

Stimulating Paris-based Electronic producer Kasztan released his latest elaborate single, ‘Working Together’, on the 25th of November via Stemina Recordings. The single was premiered by KALTBLUT Magazine and follows his recently released collaboration with HAELIUM, titled ‘DOR’, which marked the debut of the record label. Notably, the imprint was founded […]

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ElectronicFast Track Of The Day

Aradia “IMAGINE”

(Artist Bio) | November 19, 2022

Rather than focus on commercial response, Aradia is laser-focused on the details of a song feeling right. Aradia has been playing music since she was a child, and her roots in the classical music world yield intricate, layered work in the present-day. She applies these roots when producing sounds with […]

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AmbientElectronicNew Music Drops

WMD “Nowhere”

(Artist Bio) | November 18, 2022

Reflective Electronic producer WMD will be releasing his latest single ‘Nowhere’ on the 11th of November via Natural Blonde. The single is taken from his forthcoming album titled Deliquesce, which is set for release in early 2023 and will be available on vinyl. The producer has previously appeared on the […]

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AmbientElectronicFast Track Of The Day

Cilvarium “Call Of Heaven”

(Artist Bio) | November 16, 2022

Cilvarium is a new and exciting musician/composer in the field of atmospheric music. Blending musical styles like ambient, worldbeat, electronica, pop and experimental, Cilvarium has created a unique and intriguing sound that’s reminiscent of Enigma yet, all her own. Incorporating various instruments from around the world, she brings a global […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

HAELIUM x Kasztan “DOR”

(Artist Bio) | November 8, 2022

Forward-thinking producers HAELIUM and Kasztan released their new collaborative single, ‘DOR’, on the 4th of November via Stemina Recordings. The single was premiered by CLASH Magazine. The record label, founded by Kasztan himself, makes its debut with the release of the collaboration. Kasztan has earned support from numerous tastemaker publications, […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Dante Klein “Rewind”

(Artist Bio) | November 7, 2022

Energizing house producer Dante Klein will be releasing his latest single, ‘Rewind’, on the 4th of November via Garden Party Records. It’s been six years since he burst onto the scene with his club sensation ‘Ertesuppe’ – since then the rapid rise of Dante Klein has been awe-inspiring to say […]

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ElectronicNew Music DropsPop

Chris Cleverley “Nausea”

(Artist Bio) | November 3, 2022

UK Dream-Folk Artist Chris Cleverley’s brand new single ‘Nausea’ showcases the bold new electronic sound from his forthcoming album. Chris Cleverley is among a new wave of pioneering artists carving an uncharted path through the UK songwriting landscape, with endorsements from The Times, The Telegraph and BBC Radio leading to […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Plaid “La parole 3”

(Artist Bio) | October 25, 2022

London’s prized Experimental Electronic duo Plaid has created a remix of Vincenzo Ramaglia’s single ‘La parole 3’, which was released on the 14th of October via PEM Records and premiered on Soundwall. A household name to fans of IDM, the duo has previously collaborated with the industry legend Björk and […]

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ElectronicFast Track Of The Day

Maïa Barouh “HAFU”

(Artist Bio) | October 19, 2022

Maia Barouh invites you into her delicious soundworld with new album “AIDA”, out 21st October. “AIDA” is the new album by Maïa Barouh. Aida means “between” in Japanese: between France and Japan, between the mainland and the islands, between the ancient and the modern. The character for the word is […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Kingdumb “Drive With Me”

(Artist Bio) | October 5, 2022

Kingdumb, the highly regarded singer-songwriter and producer, has released his newest single, ‘Drive With Me’. The B-side, titled ‘Hype Raga’, is also out now. Based in Swindon, the producer that never misses a beat pushes the dial to a new level with a sound that will knock you for six! […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Crystal Box “|| control ||”

(Artist Bio) | October 3, 2022

Bad Art is the debut EP from Crystal Box, the studio project of New Orleans-based songwriter/producer, Bodhi Landa. Inspired by deconstructed club sounds, experimental r&b and hyperpop, Landa’s productions are characterized by wide ambient spaces, mangled vocals, electronic beats, and ecstatic synth swells. Bodhi Landa was born and raised in […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Aradia “Gamma”

(Artist Bio) | September 19, 2022

Aradia released “Gamma”. a dynamic hyperpop single that brings vigor and excitement back to the final dog days of summer. While Aradia’s other tracks have notes of EDM energy, “Gamma’s” fast-paced and effortless vocals are reminiscent of modern internet sensations like 100 Gecs, taking off from the jump; a joyful, […]

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(Artist Bio) | September 13, 2022

Based in London, rising producer CONFLUENCE shared his latest dance single, ‘Azul’, via CNFLNC. He played the track for the first time during a 20 minute live set, which was organized by his Alma mater, Point Blank Music School, alongside other alumni. His recently released single, ‘My Everything’, earned press […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Himalia “No One”

(Artist Bio) | September 12, 2022

UK-born electronica producer Himalia will be releasing his new single ‘No One’ on the 9th of September, taken from the upcoming compilation Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3 via Deep Heads and compiled by Zeb Samuels. With 3 million streams, counting his Spotify top 10 alone, the producer has received notable radio play […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

PANJOMA “Like Thunder”

(Artist Bio) | August 10, 2022

Austin-based electronic artist Panjoma present their new single ‘Like Thunder’, a sultry and blissed-out chill song in time for spreading good summer vibes. Originally created for Willie Oteri and Ricardo Acevedo’s ‘O’Clock’ Italian tour in 2018, there was still missing something. Enter songstress Mary Panjoma, who’s lyrics and vocals tightened […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

CONFLUENCE “My Everything”

(Artist Bio) | August 1, 2022

London-based progressive house producer CONFLUENCE has released his latest single, ‘My Everything’ on the 11th of July via CNFLNC. With a BA in music production and DJ skills from the Point Blank Music School in London, the producer has accumulated one hundred and twenty thousand streams across platforms and been […]

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ElectronicNew Music DropsPop

Ormiston “Better Days”

(Artist Bio) | July 27, 2022

Singer-songwriter and producer Ormiston has released his EP Hammer Down, which premiered via CLASH Magazine, on the 15th of July via Lisbon Lux Records. This release follows Ormiston’s full-length album of the same title which was released in 2021, and received acclaim in Canada and the United Kingdom. Ormiston’s other […]

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Stavroz “Nobody Around”

(Artist Bio) | May 24, 2022

Unique electronica quartet Stavroz released their debut LP, Mindibu on the 13th of May via their own Moodfamily label. On the album, listeners will find the ‘Nobody Around’ as well as the previously released singles, ‘Wintergreen’ and ‘In Mindibu’. The quartet are currently on a global tour and have previously […]

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ElectronicNew Music DropsPop

PANJOMA “Bleeding Sun”

(Artist Bio) | May 19, 2022

Austin-based music mavericks Panjoma present their new single’ Bleeding Sun’, a blissed-out glitchy slice of electronic goodness from their latest ‘Sun and Moon’ EP. Marking the band’s return to the music scene after an eight-year hiatus, they are back with what they feel is their best work ever. They also […]

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EDM, HouseElectronicNew Music Drops

Calcou “Below”

(Artist Bio) | May 17, 2022

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Calcou shared the colourful video for his latest single, ‘Below’ released on the 22nd of April. The single is the third to be shared from his upcoming EP, Places which will be released on the 20th of May via MfDR+C. The single is mastered by Brian […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Stavroz “In Mindibu”

(Artist Bio) | April 26, 2022

Unique electronica quartet Stavroz released their latest single, ‘In Mindibu’ on the 22nd of April. The single is taken from their upcoming LP, Mindibu slated for release on the 13th of May via their own Moodfamily label. The quartet have performed around the world, appearing at well-known festivals such as […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Joris Delacroix “Unexpected”

(Artist Bio) | April 14, 2022

French artist Joris Delacroix brings his archetypal musicality with his latest string of superb releases. Following ‘Early Hours’, ‘Need Your Attention’ and ‘Homie’, the journey continues on Joris Delacroix’s label with latest single ‘Unexpected’, which was released on the 12th of April. The track is a blissful progression of instrumental […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Camel Power Club “Eigisyg”

(Artist Bio) | March 29, 2022

After being quiet for a little while, French indie electronic outfit Camel Power Club returns with strong new single ‘Eigisyg’. EIGISYG means “Everywhere I Go I See Your Ghost” and the song is a sneak peek of Camel Power Club’s forthcoming new album planned for release this spring. The album […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Holo “In Limbo”

(Artist Bio) | March 1, 2022

Rising contemporary electronica musician Holo has released the title track for his upcoming In Limbo EP on the 25th of February. The EP itself is slated for release on the 11th of March via Houseum’s sub-label Ellipse Records and features the previously released single, ‘Bleu’ which was supported by KCRW’s […]

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ElectronicNew Music Drops

Paris Music Corp. “Light Speed”

(Artist Bio) | February 22, 2022

Texas-based electronic music artist Paris Music Corp., the moniker of experimental and ambient composer John Andrew Paris, has released a brilliantly fluid self-titled album and colorful chilled video for the lead track ‘Light Speed’. With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade, the previous […]

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