As Within, So Without “My Revelation”
4 band members standing in front of an old concrete wall

As Within, So Without “My Revelation”

As Within, So Without is a 4 piece Metalcore band hailing from Westchester County, NY. Their recent single/video release “My Revelation” is now available.

The band started as four friends with a dream, who love music. AWSW is very passionate about music and this new single along with their upcoming sophomore album brings a strong message of positivity through hard times. The band is a big believer in positivity, acceptance, and love for all people. The four bandmates have been friends for a long time and all the friends and brothers via AWSW have brought has only made them closer like a tight-knit family.

AWSW has played all over our North East region with bands like Attila, All That Remains, Secrets, Silent Planet, Escape the Fate, and many more bands we look up to.

The main goal as a band is to build a community for their listeners to feel like they can be heard. Making friends with like-minded individuals, creating great music to rock out to, and building a strong community of support is AWSW because at the end of the day their desire is to bring people together.

“My Revelation” is about breaking off a relationship in your life that has a negative effect on you. This song is very personal for most of us in this band as we were sort of dealing with similar situations whether with family or a significant other. The lyrics in this song do pull at the heartstrings while also trying to see the positives to cutting off negative and toxic people from your life. This song can be heavy, fast-paced, technical, and melodic all at the same time and is a good representation of what is yet to come.”‘ – AWSW

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