Austel “Salt”
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Austel “Salt”

Following the release of her EPs ‘Unfold’ and ‘Cold Love’, alternative artist-producer Austel is set to release her highly anticipated debut album ‘Dead Sea’ in February 2024.

The culmination of over seven years of work, ‘Dead Sea’ weaves together a tapestry of ethereal vocals, expansive soundscapes and intimate songwriting.

Featuring collaborations with renowned producers and mix engineers including Guy Massey (The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, Richard Hawley), Adam Stark (MiMU, Rumour Cubes), Zoë Mead (Wyldest), Ruby Smith (post-dusk), Jess Camilleri (All Day Breakfast Cafe, Rudimental) and mastering engineer Katie Tavini (Nadine Shah, Arlo Parks, Bloc Party).

The album artwork was created by Colombian visual artist Natalia Giraldo Giraldo. After meeting online and connecting over shared themes within their work, Austel sent a cast of her head to Colombia for Natalia to transform into a salt sculpture and photograph.

Salt is a recurring metaphor throughout Austel’s songwriting, fascinated by its dual nature of pain and healing. The Dead Sea itself is a barren and lifeless place – the deepest hypersaline lake in the world – yet a historical site of healing and recovery. It is within these contrasts that Austel’s work resides – transforming viscerally personal accounts into a connected experience.

‘Dead Sea’ will be released on 2 February 2024.

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