Short Cuts Podcast Ep 123
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 123
woman in s dark room

Austel “Salt”

Alternative artist-producer Austel is set to release her highly anticipated debut album ‘Dead Sea’ in February 2024.
band playing on stage

Lovelorn Dolls “Beautiful Chaos”

Female-fronted dark gothic synth-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls presents 'Beautiful Chaos', the second tale unleashed from their fourth album.
woman standing in the desert

Emmi Iida “Trinity”

EMMI IIDA will be unveiling a stunning video to accompany her recent single, 'Trinity' released via her own label.
man playing guitar on front of a stone building

Sabatta “Take You There”

To kick off 2024, London-based alternative-psychedelic rock artist Sabatta** presents the single 'Take You There'.
three male band members standing in front of a bright colored wall

The Veldt “Shallow by Shallow”

US trailblazing shoegazers The Veldt** present 'Shallow by Shallow', a highlight track from their new 'Illuminated 1989' album.
4 male band members standing in front of a white wall

Pet Needs “Sleep When I’m Dead”

As PET NEEDS’ 3rd album ‘Intermittent Fast Living’ creeps into view, the band shares a fresh track ahead of its release: “Sleep When I’m Dead”.
man holding a white face mask

Nick Hudson “For My Silence”

British avant pop artist  Nick Hudson presents his new single** 'For My Silence',**  the first offering from his forthcoming album 'Kanda Teenage Honey'.
5 male band members standing on stairs

The Sleeping Souls “Scared of Living”

Ahead of their debut UK tour this January - THE SLEEPING SOULS - are pleased to present the official video for “Scared Of Living”.
man standing in a dark forest

The Sweet Kill “Forbidden”

The Sweet Kill have just announced the release of their sophomore LP Nowhere with their latest video-single “Forbidden".
man wearing sunglasses

Skateland “Autobahn!”

Dorian Williams II, known professionally as Skateland, is an American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, TX.

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