Barking Poets “We Will Overcome”
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Barking Poets “We Will Overcome”

One of Camden’s finest punk rock acts, Barking Poets return with a post covid Anthem to heal the soul. “We Will Overcome” is set for release on Friday December 9th 2022. The brand new single see’s the band in outstanding form, with a confident uplifting bounce and hooks aplenty. Already a favourite in Barking Poets live set We Will Overcome is set to be met with bated breath from fans and new listeners alike.

Written in the midst of the global Pandemic, the track perhaps has more questions than answers for the listener, leaving one to ponder a truly bizarre time. The track builds to a positive, simple, upbeat chorus while still maintaining the band’s abrasive, energetic, classic punk rock sound. Think Green Day or The Ramones at their absolute peak then stretched into Indie rock territory with some Clem burke style hi-hat disco beats thrown in for good measure.

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