Short Cuts Podcast Ep 66
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 66
band sitting in the doorstep of an exterior doorward

Barking Poets “We Will Overcome”

One of Camden’s finest punk rock acts, Barking Poets return with a post covid Anthem to heal the soul. “We Will Overcome” is set for release on Friday December 9th…
headshot of a man in front of a red wall

Rob Munk “Youth”

American indie rocker Rob Munk presents his new single ‘Youth’, the latest taster of his ‘Phased Out’ LP, which it out on November 18 via Montclair-based Magic Door Label, a…
artist rendering of outter space with floating people and forks

ADE “Ambivert”

New York City singer-songwriter and producer ADE has released his cosmic new EP ‘Junk In Orbit’, along with spacey focus track “Ambivert”. Like a lone shooting star slicing through a…
painting of a man looking up at the sky

Holden Miller “Watching the Moon”

Holden Miller doesn’t take himself too seriously — but his music is another story. When it comes to singer-songwriters with folk and pop undertones, it takes a lot to stand…
artist rendering of smoke-like clouds made from blue and red petals

Clinton Tarantino and IAMNOEL “HIGHER [R3MIX]”

Hailing from the Greater Northwest, Clinton Tarantino is a music producer and DJ. The now San Diego based artist seeks to leave a mark in the electronic music scene. His…

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