Bear Within Us “Down”
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Bear Within Us “Down”

Bear Within Us continues to build their distinctive strength with their single, “Down.” At times it can feel like the world is constantly pushing so many around and down, but it is in the refusal of this single that embodies that strength of tenacity and showcases the quality of music Bear Within Us brings.

Bear Within Us strives to gather their music in a unique blend of driving riffs and melodic tones. Taking pride on all levels as they develop every song, whether it’s a tale of triumph over adversity or a celebration of triumph.

“In a moment where everyone is expected to fall in line, we find true

success comes from those prepared grit their teeth, dig their heels in the ground and Bear Down. “Down” is a song for those whose already

been through multitudes of trials and standing talk through it all.

When the world tries to push, we will be the ones who aren’t afraid

to push back. “

  • Bobby, Bear Within Us

A 5 piece band living in the Tampa, FL area, Bear Within Us is formed of members looking to bridge the gap between rock and metal. The band started piecing itself together in 2019, eventually become a ragtag band of Craigslist hero’s. Always focused on having a good time and putting on a great show the Bear clan likes to leave its mark everywhere it goes. In their short stint they’ve opened up for Saliva, Hed PE, Smile Empty Soul, Tantric, Powerman 5000, Gemini Syndrome and many others

With driving riffs and melodic tones BearClan likes to tell story a with every song. Rather it’s uplifting moments or hard times. The Bear Clan is always willing to extend a hand to anyone willing to lend an ear.

Bear Within Us Band

Vocals – Bobby Ruffin

Guitar – Darien Lugo

Guitar – John Silbaugh

Bassist – Michael Miranda

Percussion – Scott Willits

-Official bio

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