Best New Indie Music Discoveries (8/3/2021) – “Fastracks” 15
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Best New Indie Music Discoveries (8/3/2021) – “Fastracks” 15

Preview 5 new music tracks in less than 5 minutes f. Zitter, Katherine Aly, Nick Isham, Jack Conway & Sam Pine.

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“Intoxicated World” is the Swedish hardrock band Zitter’s third release in 51 weeks. This time, the compass needle points in a heavier direction. Still, when it comes to the vocal lines and the riffs, the melodies are intact.

With the nine tracks on Intoxicated World, Fred Z (vocals & bass), B Gustaf (guitars) and MacCalico Adee (software drums), prove that there still is a lot left in their crea- tive cornucopia. With the tracks Lonely, If God Doesn’t Let You In, Zisters & Brotherz and Pan For Gold, the band show how they have refined their self-proclaimed sound, vultureistic beak n’ roll machine music.

There, heavy bass lines meet high-powered guitar riffs and captivating synth melodies, all backed up by rhythm patterns that might be a threat to every bone in a dancing body. Zitter have sharpened their metallic beaks in the title track Intoxicated World, and have put on their most exuberant rock- plumage in This is the Way.

The lyrics deal with the big existential questions, told as stories about interhuman relations or as standpoints in burning world issues. A more absurd turn is taken in Lines. The lyrics in the softer Save Me, is told through the eyes of a member of a well- known, perhaps world famous, now dissolved Swedish sect from Knutby.

Intoxicated World is a digital-only release on the bands’ own label, Vulture Nest Productions, distributed by Kobolt (AWAL Digital Limited).

Zitter’s music is represented on collection discs released by the American record label 3000Records and on the DVD Cowabunga Extravagance (Seven Films). Several tracks from droppeD (2019), We are the Vultures (2020) och Tick Tock (2020) have been played on Swedish and international internet radio stations. The bands most viewed video on YouTube is for the track Sunny Day Holiday, made by the Swed- ish filmmakers Rotten Soulz.

Originally hailing from Greece, the emerging singer songwriter relocated to her now adoptive home of Scotland and has since continued to built recognition as a genre defying artist.

Previously released singles ‘The Skin I’m Made Of’, ‘Sunny Days’, ‘Misty Me’, ‘God Breed’ and ‘Butterflies’ have all showcased unique explorations in her approach to compositions.

Since launching herself as a solo artist in 2019, Katherine’s music has been championed by the likes of BBC Introducing, The Scotsman, The Scottish Sun, Vogue Italia and The Unsigned Guide along with scores of blogs, webzines and streaming playlists whilst also achieving radio airplay around the globe.

As a live performer Katherine has graced many stages and delivered memorable appearances at events such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hidden Door Festival, Tenement Trail, EH6 Festival and Kelburn Garden Party.

Inspired by her own experiences of the loneliness of dealing with a mental health issue while trying to maintain balance in her own life- Glow & Ignite was digitally released on 16th July. In Katherine’s own words – ‘My music’s motto is ‘dance with your shadow’, embrace the dark side, let it ignite your creativity, accept is as part of your healing, be OK with not being OK – its only human’.

Nick Isham is a singer-songwriter, coming from Los Angeles, California. He is a football player- turned musician, influenced by a wide range of artists from Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake to Bill Withers and Van Morrison, and even to country artists such as Thomas Rhett and Chris Stapleton.

Nick has developed his sound from this variety of influences, crafting his own, unique style of acoustic pop music. From his soulful voice, rhythmic ingenuity, his personal storytelling, and melodic messages, he pulls people in from the very first note.

Nick has also had songs featured in films and on television, one such placement being in ABC’s American Crime. He has been performing in the Los Angeles area at such places as The Troubadour, The Mint and The Viper Room.

(On When I Don’t Talk – Track): “I had been sitting on this idea of “you only listen when I don’t talk” for a little while. I’ve had it happen in the past where I’ve been trying to talk to someone and what I’m saying doesn’t really register for them until I actually walk away/stop talking. So I brought it into a writing session that I had with my friend Joe Daccache. He seemed to get exactly what I was talking about. And after a long, in-depth talk about it, this song was born.”

(One The Video): “The music video for “When I Don’t Talk” was such a great experience to shoot. I worked with an amazing team out in Nashville, TN to put it all together. Dylan Reeves directed and produced it, Samantha Mikula starred as the lead actress, Barrett Depies was the gaffer and Matthew Ennis was the grip.

We did the shoot in one full day and had such an amazing time working with everybody. Dylan and I really wanted to capture those moments of two people trying to communicate but struggling with really being able to get through to each other.

I strongly believe that communication is the key to every relationship, and with this music video we wanted to really express those moments of broken communication and how it can effect a relationship.”

Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Jack Conway returns with Stunning New Single, “UNEXPECTED” – A beautiful upbeat track, with a powerful message about falling for someone unexpectedly. The new single follows his most recent release, “Not That Great” – A track talking about not being enough for this exact same person.

“Beyond the sadness & hardship though, the importance of this song is not to delve too deep into the darkness, but rather acknowledge that the darkness exists inside us all – yet realize that it is a choice to let it have existence or to let the light shine through.” – Jack on Not That Great

(On Unexpected) “I once heard “if it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else besides you”. Unexpected is a song about falling in love with someone so unexpectedly, at what feels like the completely wrong time, yet…. the feeling’s still so alive and beautiful.

The song itself continues to teach me to give love, love hard and go after what you feel, even if the odds are stacked against you. While things might turn out “bad”, they also could turn out better than you ever imagined. – Jack Conway explained.

I am thrilled to send you the all new single entitled “Why Can’t U?” from LA based experimental bedroom pop singer/ songwriter Sam Pine.

The track is off of his debut full-length Evergreen, which is a collection of multi-faceted songs written from the artist’s childhood bedroom over quarantine that explore extreme episodes of anxiety during a social revolution, relationships, and introspective thoughts as a young adult.

Inspired by sudden life changes experienced over the pandemic, “Why Can’t U?” is about Sam’s relocation to his hometown of Denver, Colorado and the impact that physical distance had on his close relationships in Los Angeles. The single is a unique blend of rich and experimental sounds, it is reminiscent of Still Woozy meets Bloc Party.

“I had relationships that felt very tested and at some points exposed. This pandemic really had some harsh truth and the hook of the song askes whoever listens or at least in my perspective the girl I was seeing ‘why cant you be the one for me?’ It’s that classic long distance narrative but with my own spin.”

Sam Pine is a 22 year old Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His music is best characterized as eclectic and full of groove combining Alt-Pop, Jazz, and RnB for a sound all of his own.

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