Blacklip “What Have I Become”
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Blacklip “What Have I Become”

BlackLip is a solo, genre-fluid artist hailing from Indiana, USA. Growing up in a small town as a kid, and feeling out of place in his roots of Indiana, it’s become a mission to become bigger than where he came from. After splitting with previous rock group In The A.M. in 2020, BlackLip hit the studio focused on making music that counts; music that will last. Wanting to branch away from the stigma of his previous music endeavor, some really beautiful, catchy, and melodic songs were the result.

BlackLip reflects, “Making music that creates a unique emotion in the listener is always my goal. I want to be memorable. Not so much because of my image, and more because of the way my songs make you feel.”

A multi-instrumentalist in his artistic nature, when you hear a song, know that you’re most likely listening to his guitar playing, his drumming, bass playing, and his vocals. “What Have I Become?” is BlackLip’s first release from a series of singles coming over the rest of 2022 and leading to his first full-length album.

“This release has been 2 whole years in the making. Between working with 4 different mixing and mastering engineers on this song, and constantly tweaking the mix, getting 6 different masters before selecting the final one, it has been a long process, to say the least. But we’ve arrived at the finish line and the song sounds fantastic! This song is about people who intentionally abuse you repeatedly whether mentally or physically, resulting in a personality change that is completely against your will. The emotion behind the song comes from a dark place.” – Alex Shimp of BlackLip

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