Brandon Ambrose “Keep Me Breathing”
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Brandon Ambrose “Keep Me Breathing”


East London 23y/o Brandon Ambrose is that rare breed of pop star who has both poster boy good looks but also writes and sings with a knowing lyricism relatable to all. Brandon tells a meaningful autobiographical tale about being lost in addiction on ‘Keep Me Breathing’ and the redemption which follows. His country pop style fused with acoustic rap recalls hints of early Sheeran, Timberlake, Fender, Capaldi and is undoubtedly a powerful launch into the beginnings of a dream realised in music.

On ‘Keep Me Breathing’ Brandon explains, “I wrote this song about getting clean from drugs and alcohol, from which I have now been for a number of years. Despite its short duration, I believe it perfectly encapsulates not only the pain I experienced from addiction, but also the hope I have found in recovery.”

Coming from a musical family Brandon Ambrose has always had a toe in writing, singing and performing but as he further explains, “If you had asked me five years ago what I thought I would be today, a singer wouldn’t have been anywhere near the top of my list. I seemed to be trapped in a cycle that didn’t allow for much growth or direction. However, after hearing a message of recovery in others’ experience, strength and hope once dormant dreams of mine began to awaken.”

Brandon is keen to make it today as a musician, but his proudest achievement is his sobriety and his hope of being able to inspire others with this song and many more to follow.

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