Brian Ray “When The Earth Was Round”
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Brian Ray “When The Earth Was Round”


Acclaimed musician Brian Ray is set to release his highly anticipated solo album ‘My Town’ on August 2 through Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.


Ray, renowned for his role as guitarist and bassist in Paul McCartney’s band since 2002, and as the former guitarist and music director for Etta James, has established himself as a versatile and gifted musician. Beyond his impressive collaborations, Brian brings the same fervor and dedication to his solo endeavors.

Reflecting on his solo work, Brian shares, “As rich as my experiences have been playing and writing for others, there’s nothing quite like writing, producing, and playing for my own solo releases.”

‘My Town’ is a compilation of singles Brian has released with Wicked Cool Records since 2017, including “Here For You” and 2022’s “On My Way To You,” along with four brand-new tracks. Covering several years of his creative journey, the album promises a diverse and captivating listening experience.

In discussing his songwriting, Brian expresses his appreciation for the creative freedom provided by Wicked Cool Records, saying, “I get to indulge my wildest ideas, knowing I have the full support of Stevie Van Zandt and his label.”

‘My Town’ is a vibrant collection that showcases Brian Ray’s dynamic range as a solo artist. The album features special guest vocalists such as Smokey Robinson on “One Heartbeat,” a song Brian co-wrote for Robinson in 1987, Michael Des Barres (Power Station, Silverhead, Detective) on “Spell Breaker,” co-written with Des Barres in 2020, and Gia Ciambotti on a cover of Willie Dixon’s “I Ain’t Superstitious.”

Additionally, select tracks on ‘My Town’ include contributions from Brian’s Paul McCartney bandmate, Abe Laboriel Jr., on drums, as well as Scott Shriner (Weezer) and Davey Farragher (Elvis Costello) on bass and backing vocals.

Ultimately, ‘My Town’ encapsulates Brian’s influences, songwriting, and signature style in a way that is uniquely him. “These songs have been a labor of love,” he explains, “I hope you dig listening as much as we enjoyed making them, and I can’t wait for you to hear the new unreleased tracks.”

‘My Town’ is set to be a must-hear album for rock enthusiasts and showcases Brian Ray’s immense talent and versatility.

Rays says, “My new single, When The Earth Was Round is about romance in a post-truth world.”

Though many can claim they have rock and roll coursing through their veins, few have brought that feeling into reality like Brian Ray. From playing with Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt Kicker Five at the age of 17 to being named guitarist and music director for Etta James just one year later, to his current gig as Paul McCartney’s guitarist and bass player since 2002, Brian has proved his musical prowess and versatility time and time again. However, in addition to his noteworthy work with others, Brian brings the same enthusiasm to his solo career. His forthcoming album, ‘My Town’, due out August 2 on** Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records**, is a culmination of seven years of solo music that speaks to Brian’s soul in a different way.


‘My Town’ consists of the singles Brian has released with Wicked Cool Records since 2017, along with 4 new tracks. Because the album spans such a lengthy period of time, the result is a diverse and well-rounded listening experience.

In addition to his solo career, Brian also founded The Bayonets with producer and songwriter, Oliver Lieber (Paula Abdul, Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart). The band remains active as well, giving Brian yet another musical outlet.

Reflecting on his robust musical career, Brian does not take anything for granted. “Working with Etta James and then Paul McCartney is like winning the lottery twice in one lifetime,” he continues, “In terms of experiences and memories, I’m a billionaire ten times over.”

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