Short Cuts Podcast Ep 139
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 139
band sitting against the outside of a building drinking

Hayley and the Crushers “Alleyways”

Melodic punk band Hayley and the Crushers about "Alleyways," a sing-along pop punk anthem from their upcoming EP, 'Unsubscribe from the Underground'.
indie musician standing in front of a dark wall

Pas Musique “Too Civilized”

Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist Pas Musique presents the single 'Too Civilized', previewing his new full-length album.
band members standing in front of trees

Such Gold “Talk Loud”

New York punk band Such Gold is thrilled to announce their signing with Mutant League Records.
band members standing in front of a brick wall

No Guidance “Constitution”

We asked for hell, we got it - No Guidance holds a mirror up to society and makes clear that every action results in a consequence.
two men next to each other

NHOAH “Bissi Laut Jetzt”

NHOAH has made his name as a producer, composer, DJ, mixing engineer, record label owner. To his core, NHOAH is devoted to creative culture.
man outside

Jamie Sutherland “Start Again”

Acclaimed Scottish musician Jamie Sutherland has just released his new single ‘Start Again’.
woman looking down

Julia-Sophie “numb”

‘forgive too slow’ is the debut solo album from acclaimed Anglo-French avant-garde electronic artist Julia-Sophie.
musician standing on a sidewalk

Brian Ray “When The Earth Was Round”

Acclaimed musician Brian Ray is set to release his highly anticipated solo album 'My Town' on August 2.
man standing in front of a blank white wall

JC MILLER “Before Nightfall”

Americana / southern rock stalwart JC Miller presents his new single 'Before Nightfall'.
band sitting on a bench utside

CodeName: Rocky “Killing The Chemist”

SoCal Ska-Punk vets Codename: Rocky have announced a new album titled “Foundation” due to arrive on all streaming platforms on Friday July 19th.

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