Brother Valiant “Wander”
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Brother Valiant “Wander”

Brother Valiant was founded by singer-songwriter Alex Amsterdam in the spring of 2013. During that time, he and his friends would track demos huddled inside a small suburban basement in northern New Jersey. What started with simple folk songs paying homage to artists like Paul Simon and Conor Oberst, the project began to take a shape all its own.

It wasn’t long before Brother Valiant began playing around the New York Tri-state area, brandishing a unique sound to create a jubilant display of musicianship. Themes of navigating feelings of anxiety, love, and fear through an adventurous spirit remain a hallmark of Brother Valiant’s writing, which bleed through the compositions with an authentic wit. A byproduct of growing up in a small town immersed in cultivating local artists, the music casts a truly distinct reflection of suburban life on the East Coast.

Complete with big sing-along choruses, visceral lyricism, rambunctious brass melodies, Brother Valiant creates an atmosphere that both celebrates and distorts the sounds of Americana and folk rock, where all are invited to sing out. The artist’s latest body of work, two upcoming singles “Lady Daisy” and “Wander” reflects on “misadventures that emotional extremes take you on”.

Amsterdam further confides his upcoming music details “ideas about self-sabotage, and trying to rectify mistakes and behaviors that cause them. Waking up on a new day and trying to be a bit better of a person.” Featuring wistful acoustic guitars, warm echoing vocals and infectious layered melodies, “Lady Daisy” is a triumphant return for Brother Valiant who hasn’t released new music in over three years (released EP on bandcamp December 2018).

While on the upcoming “Wander”, his penchant for emotive storytelling shines through with folk infused foot-stomping soundscapes and a rousing anthemic chorus. “Writing as brutally honest as I can helps me make sense of moments lived, and how to grow from them” Amsterdam states. “It can be very cathartic.

That was certainly the case with this song.” Brother Valiant continues to bring his stunning mix of Americana, rock, folk pop to the masses with “Lady Daisy” and “Wander” are out now.

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