Butterfly Haus “Masters and Experts”
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Butterfly Haus “Masters and Experts”

Pondering relationship complexities and toxicity is at the heart of “Masters and Experts,” touting a groovy and emotionally dense alt-pop sound. The track comes via Butterfly Haus’ new album ‘Time Bomb Season.’

Serving as the first taste of the newly released  album Time Bomb Season, “Masters and Experts” blends introspective lyrics, forward thinking and era-defying production, as well as haunting melodies. These form an intoxicating cornucopia of synthesizer fog, propelled by ‘80’ drum machine rhythms and compelling themes of romance and turmoil.

Butterfly Haus (music formerly made under the moniker “SAZE”) is the Brooklyn-based indie-alternative music project of New Jersey-born Nigerian-American producer, songwriter and recording artist Osaze Akerejah.

Though Akerejah has been making original music since the late 2000’s the initial idea for the Butterfly Haus project was first birthed in 2019, finally coming to fruition in 2022 after a period that saw Akerejah simultaneously battling heartbreak, a cancer diagnosis and tumultuous mental and physical health struggles.

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