CARSEX “Crooked Canvas”
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CARSEX “Crooked Canvas”


Long Beach, CA underground Rock band CARSEX sound is what the name implies: Sleazy, primitive, uncomfortable & just as good as your friends told you it’d be.

Forged by the survivors of Long Beach music scene bands Damned Age, Black Velvet Brigade, and Red River Massacre, these five music veterans have slugged it out in the clubs of Orange County, California for more than 10 years. While performing shows in these various groups on the circuit they became friends over time. As the bands they were in either dissolved or changed direction – they decided to form under a new banner with shared musical tastes & goals, and CARSEX formed in 2018.

With influences spanning from the early Los Angeles punk sound such as the Circle Jerks, Black Flag & the Germs, to the Doors and Danzig, plus more modern monsters like Queens of the Stone Age, Murder City Devils & Fu Manchu – they play hard and loud with no hint of an apology. It’s not easy to put a definite tag on the sound or pin-point exactly what’s going on… It’s like that strange feeling you get when you’re in the back seat in the throes of passion (or down front in the pit). You need to be in the moment to interpret it for yourself.

CARSEX has previously released 2 EPs: 2019’s CarSex and 2020’s 2020 EP, which featured the singles “Your Generation” and “Lovesick”. The band has stepped up their game in 2024, with new single & video “Crooked Canvas” – which is a diatribe about our culture’s blind, rampant consumerism. It will be released on June 28th. The band recorded the song at Maple Sound Studios in Santa Ana, CA with producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, Alesana, Poison the Well, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Butcher Babies) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY. A new EP is being finalized and will be released later this summer.

CARSEX is very much a live band, and shows are currently being booked to support the release of “Crooked Canvas” and the upcoming EP. They’ve opened for Stillwell (Fieldy from Korn’s Band), The Obsessed, Mondo Generator, Suicide Silence, Unsane, Dead Poet’s Society, Narcoleptic Youth, and O’Zorn!, among others. The power of their pure degradation of the stage combined with sexually charged, exorcism-esque energy during their performance sets a ritual scene that one must be a part of to fully understand. The heart pounding drums & bass that could blow the clothes off anything with legs, screaming guitars with solos that go both ways and howling vocals that turn speaking in tongues into English. This is CARSEX.

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