Short Cuts Podcast Ep 142
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 142
adult and child walking in a field

Monster Taxi “Field of Dreams”

“Field of Dreams” by Monster Taxi elicits a primal, deep-seated emotion that lives within the heart of humanity.
man outside playing guitar

Randy Mattsen “Start It All Again”

Randy Mattsen is an independent singer songwriter with original music that includes Acoustic, Blues, Folk, Country and Soft Rock genres.
man jumping in the air

The Harpoonist “Show Me The Green”

glam metal band standing on stage

Gelatin Skelatin “VHS”

Canadian glam metal band GELATIN SKELATIN is pleased to announce the release of their new album “Big Trouble” this coming next month.
man wearing glasses and a hat on a sunny day

JC MILLER “Wayward Son”

Americana / southern rock stalwart JC Miller presents his new single 'Wayward Son' about the march of time.
woman with a bee on her lip

Jessica Wilde, Afronaut Zu “Teach Me How To Love”

Singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Jessica Wilde has released her sophomore album ‘Teach Me How To Love’, with Afronaut Zu on the title track.
band standing in front of a stucco building

No Motiv “Pieces”

Post-hardcore/punk band No Motiv have just released “Pieces,” their first new song since 2011.
band standing against a half wall

Melonball “Your Love”

Nuremberg Germany's Melonball have released a music video for their cover of The Outfield's "Your Love".
band sitting on stairs

CARSEX “Crooked Canvas”

Long Beach, CA underground Rock band CARSEX sound is what the name implies.
punk band standing on a sidewalk

PET NEEDS “The Age That You Were”

Indie punk band PET NEEDS are back with a new single. They dropped ‘The Age That You Were’ ahead of their summer tour.

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Shiner “Brooks”

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Mistine “IDEK”