Chris Chitsey “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy”
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Chris Chitsey “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy”

Native Texan, Chris Chitsey, made a name for himself on the competitive, Texas honky-tonk circuit before graduating to success on a national level in the early 2000’s. His smooth evocative voice and energetic stage presence quickly established Chris as one of the latest Texas exports to find national acclaim.


Making his mark on country radio for several decades, Chitsey has teamed up with a true American icon to kick off 2024. With a knock-out video, filmed at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, the release of “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy” promises to be his best work yet!


Whether on stage or in the recording studio, Chris exudes his passion and dedication to the country music industry. It’s that kind of dedicated work ethic, combined with God-given talent, that makes Chris Chitsey a timeless success.

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