Christina Martin “Storm”
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Christina Martin “Storm”

Canadian songwriter Christina Martin has launched new single Storm, the rousing title track off her latest album, and announced over 35 tour dates in Europe for Fall 2023. This single, the fourth of the album, is a triumphant and graceful anthem, rising from delicate beginnings to stratospheric heights, and showing Martin’s trademark ability of taking the personal, and making it universal.

“I chose Storm as the title track for this album because it represents the failures and hard times that help me become a better person.”

The single’s origins lie many years ago, sparked on the night Hurricane Juan hit the coast of Nova Scotia in 2004. Initially inspired by walking home through the storm-lashed streets, it was many years before the song ran to completion. By that time, it’d evolved into a heartfelt musing on hindsight. A reflection on how all the experiences we go through, the good and the bad, the sunny days and the storms, all contribute to the person we become. As ever, Christina Martin wields her unique talent to take her own personal experiences, and deliver them in a way that can speak profoundly to so many.

The song, as a title track, works as the perfect cornerstone to the wider album. Reflective, elegant, it speaks of trauma and upheaval, the album’s central spars, yet comes out as ultimately optimistic. It unites all the album’s key sounds – Martin’s songbird vocals, chiming pianos, growling guitars, that thumping heartbeat percussion, and those ever-present euphoric strings. An anthem about discovering your own strength, and the power of your past, it’s a regal unifying centerpiece.

Storm has an accompanying music video, directed by Matt Charlton. Shot at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax, it’s a glimpse behind the scenes and evolves into a full blown performance with the musicians featured on her upcoming new album.

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