Cody Jasper “Disco Lemonade”
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Cody Jasper “Disco Lemonade”

Possessing Texas roots and thick Rock ‘N Roll blood, Cody Jasper is a renowned musical artist and composer whose passions have been raising the music industry bar since 2014. Heavily influenced by music icons Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Waylon Jennings, Cody has a powerhouse background in cultivating boundary-breaking music that goes beyond just the ears and delivering high energy performances that ultimately leave his audiences wanting more.

Raised in Amarillo, Texas and launching hot mixes of southern-infused rock with flaming outlaw country and blues & soul twists that have touched just about every corner of the map, Cody has already left lasting marks in the world of entertainment. Starting at age 16, Cody began playing gigs covering blues and classic rock and played for Texas Hall Of Fame blues boy Willie. Then upon being inspired by Waylon’s son (Shooter) on the art of blending outlaw country with old-fashioned rock, Cody’s international career ignited as he self-wrote and launched his first full album at age 24 and toured all throughout the US, Norway, and England.

Fast forward to today, Cody holds a strong history forming a rock band called Moon Fever that gained multi-million streams, has opened for Buckcherry, Shooter Jennings, Eric gales, filter, Los Lobos, Cody Canada (amongst many others), and in the past year alone wrote 200 songs, produced his own album, and of course, made killer music videos to go with it. And you guessed it, Cody’s little bit of everything music reign shows no signs of stopping any time soon. In fact, he is about to release another raging solo album that holds some of the best music he has ever fortified to date.

Queen to Daft Punk, Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer, and splashes of Led Zeppelin. As a signature artist bringing a whole new multi-genre vibe to the Rock ‘N Roll scene, Cody enjoys every moment of delivering statement-making music that ultimately provokes new levels of elating energy and invested attraction. Overall, he has a genuine love for creating intertwining music that tests the genre limits and demonstrates that through his ongoing efforts that have already helped accentuate the entire music/stage experience. This, along with his empowering voice, ambiance, ripping guitar skills, is what led to Cody’s fast track growth as a center stage sensation – making it quite exciting to see what spearheading new drops he will launch next.

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