Coral Grief “Crumble”

Coral Grief “Crumble”

Recorded entirely at home in lockdown, the Seattle dream pop duo’s adventurous new EP is a testament to the difficulties and unexpected silver linings of a world placed on pause.

Coral Grief’s self titled EP will be released over a year after the band’s formation during the early days of Covid 19. The Seattle based dream pop project consists of Lena Farr-Morrissey and Sam Fason, who co-wrote and recorded the songs between March and August 2020.

Rich guitars, glowing synths, driving bass, and ethereal vocals swirl around skeletal drum loops to create a textured, intricate sound that is experimental, playful, and catchy. “Crumble”, the band’s first single, is available now, with the whole EP slated to be released on May 14, 2021. The album was mixed by Briana Marela and mastered by Mell Dettmer, two legends from the Pacific Northwest.

Farr-Morrissey (she/her), born and raised in Seattle, began playing music at a young age. She was involved in the Seattle DIY scene and released a solo psych folk album before moving to Colorado, where she and Fason (he/him) played together in multiple bands throughout college.

During this time, they opened for groups such as Jay Som and Crumb. Originally from Austin, Fason’s past work ranges from scoring short films to directing sound design for plays. The duo relocated to Seattle to continue writing and recording music and founded Coral Grief in early 2020.

The band only played one show before live music came to an abrupt halt. While the songs are not confined to quarantine, they are a product of its themes, in an attempt to sonically daydream and persevere through collective hardship. Undercurrents of ambient guitars and weavings synths create the space for Farr-Morrissey’s melodies and Fason’s intricate guitar work to shine, with expert bass lines propelling each song forward.

Coral Grief’s music imagines a mix between Beach House and Broadcast, with krautrock and synth pop undertones. The group has been creatively motivated throughout this era of intense suspension, even after recording delays due to Farr-Morrissey’s covid diagnosis. The single “Crumble” was released by the band on March 23rd, and has already received airtime on KEXP in Seattle. This initial release is only the first wave of what Coral Grief has to offer.

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