Dalizz “Tranquilita Quieta”
woman sitting in a chair

Dalizz “Tranquilita Quieta”

Hello! I’m Dalizz.
I come from Hato Rey Puerto Rico. Born Elizabeth Ludaliz Ortiz Ocasio. I have always love to write and listening to music. I wrote my first song when I was eight years old.

During last two years I have been working a lot, exploring different colors and sounds. The best way I can describe my music is as a piece of abstract art. Sometimes I really don’t know what the story or genre of the next song will be, I just let my feelings out and live in the moment. The truth is that I’m usually quite indecisive, maybe that’s why my music is so diverse.

My goal is to share music that represents the essence and pure expression of myself. I hope that through my music you twerk, celebrate, fall in love, fall out of love, let’s vibe and be the flow! I leave you my first 2023 gift TRANQUILITA QUIETA. I’ll be back very soon with something different, see you soon!

-Official bio

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