Darko “Aggro”
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Darko “Aggro”


DARKO’s new single “Aggro” is a blistering audio assault, venting the frustrations and anguish of working life, and uncontrollable external factors stifling progress.


The lyrics, penned by bassist Karl Sursham, will resonate with anyone stuck on a long call, waiting for a straightforward answer from a company but being hopelessly bounced around departments.

Sursham said:

“Big companies often think of you as a number and not a human. Management cover their tracks by lying and blaming the staff below them rather than listening and learning about what they can do better, unaware of the damage it causes again and again.”

Crushing guttural screams seamlessly flow into anthemic singalongs, with the frothing anger of Converge but irresistible hooks of The Offspring.

Released via Lockjaw Records (EU) and Thousand Island Records (NA), “Aggro” is the second single from “Greyscale”, the nihilistic second chapter of a trilogy of releases from the veteran South East England quintet.

Darko appear at Manchester Punk Festival on Sunday 31st March, BAdlands in Lincoln and will be touring Ontario and Quebec, Canada in May.


Darko is a heavy, fast, melodic band known for energetic live shows, and unabashed social commentary. Originally forming in Guildford in the south of England in 2009, the quintet have toured in 35+ countries including Canada, Japan, and Australia.

Darko consists of Rob Piper and Chris Brown (Guitars), Karl Sursham (Bass), Andy Borg (Drums), and vocalist Tom West who was recruited from Lockjaw Records labelmates Almeida in 2020 following the departure of original frontman Dan Smith.

With a rejuvinated hunger for creative expression, this new iteration of Darko continues to expand its audience worldwide with a furious fusion of modern punk, prog and post-hardcore influences.

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