Davey Horne “Welcome to the Future”
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Davey Horne “Welcome to the Future”

Scottish songwriter and musician – DAVEY HORNE – has unveiled the official video for his new track “Welcome to the Future”.

Showcasing the full spectrum of his enviable abilities and marking a welcome return for the artist, he has now released a stunning video for the single. Filmed by Beezom Productions, the video sees aerial footage of the spectacular Scottish scenery fading into atmospheric live shots of Davey and his band at Tpot Studio in Perthshire.

Davey explains:

“The video is all footage of us in the studio. The location and vibes at Tpot are absolutely incredible. The studio is an old schoolhouse situated up in the Hills in Perthshire, Scotland. We tracked the core of the track live with quite a few overdubs, so I wanted to try and capture all of this along with the energy on the day. It’s quite a special place.”

A song ultimately about escapism — making time to enjoy the now, whilst also maintaining an optimistic outlook for all the promises of the future — “Welcome to the Future” lets soaring, rootsy vocals do the talking as personal admissions are wrapped in psychedelic obfuscations.

A southern-rocking runaway train of swampy slide guitars, bluesy ballroom pianos and hammond organs getting the full hammer-and-tongs, Davey adds:

“In life we have our ups and downs and in the last few years I’ve had plenty – at times I definitely was going crazy…. This song is all about trying to take my mind somewhere else. Take the listener and me to a whole other world. I make references to myself in the song but really it is about living life right now and what the future holds. The last lyric ‘the people you love will always come back and grab you when you feel the strain, oh how I want you anyway’. Life can be strenuous but I love being alive.”

Recorded at Tpot Studios in Perthshire Scotland, the track was written by Davey Horne, mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Echo & The Bunnymen) and engineered/mixed by Robin Evans.

After taking an extended break from music, Davey stepped back into the spotlight with the sublime seventies-styled piece “Welcome to the Future” along with “Diego & Maria” last week.

Influenced by classic songwriters such as Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, Davey Horne is a singer-songwriter hailing from Fife, Scotland.

Building his sound around his three stand-out talents: his soaring voice, his virtuosic multi-instrumentalism and his innate ability to craft timeless songs; Horne quietly released his self-titled debut album in 2020 has since earned something of a reputation as an artists’ artist. Receiving a personal request to work with Grammy-nominated producer Jonathan Wilson on his tours of the UK and Europe, Horne was also invited to tour the US, UK and Europe with American singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins. Elsewhere, artists such as Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Grinderman) and Nyoh (Harry Styles) have sought-out his talents, while Davey has also shared stages with the likes of Miles Kane and Paolo Nutini.

However, shortly after the release of his debut album, the dawning of the pandemic would also bring news that would shake Davey’s whole life to its very core. Learning his wife, Natalie, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, his career in music was immediately put on the back-burner as his sole focus became his family. Yet no matter how dark the sky can get, it seems that storm clouds can still bring with them a silver lining. Learning to find therapy in music during those difficult times, Davey found solace in writing and playing, and soon began amassing a new catalogue of songs almost without realizing.

Fast forward to 2022 and Natalie has made an inspiring recovery and Davey is now looking to the future with plans to begin performing once again, not to mention sharing some of that unreleased material with the public too…

The first of those spoils are the AA-side single: “Welcome to the Future” and “Diego & Maria”; two glorious, sun-drenched, classic rock tracks that see Davey Horne re-establish his path in music with some extraordinary music seemingly beamed from another era.

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