daysormay “Ego”
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daysormay “Ego”

Nine years ago, three six-graders ignored all the other trappings of ascendant teenagers and dedicated themselves fully and feverishly to making music.

Growing up in the serene town of Vernon, BC, daysormay not only mastered their songwriting and playing skills, but they also became production wunderkinds with the release of their EP, Talk Peace To A Wolf.

Now 21 years old, in Vancouver, with a full album in their arsenal, the members of daysormay (the English phonetic of the French “désormais” meaning “from now on”) have the wind at their backs with no intentions of slowing down.

With influences like Phoenix, Glass Animals and Portugal. The Man., singer Aidan Andrews and twin brothers/rhythm section Carson and Nolan Bassett are carving out a unique space in modern alternative music.

Now, set to release their new album, audiences will hear how the band has continued to challenge their craft by incorporating pulsing drums, enchanting synths & guitars, unforgettable melodies and sharp-witted lyrics. The trio demonstrate how there are no limits to their sound.

Their latest single “Ego,” recorded with Steve Bays (Diplo, Hot Hot Heat, Fitz and The Tantrums), is a deep dive into an ocean of charming guitars and synths, sharp piano, bright booming drums and witty, intelligent lyrics. Andrews’ songwriting and storytelling lyrics are completely captivating, based around Sigmund Freud’s concepts of the id, ego, and superego, with each verse representing those individually.

The accompanying music video, washed in a blue palette, innovatively reflects the reality of the “Ego.” Taking a DIY approach, the video was filmed with a three person crew across the industrial Vancouver landscape and then edited in house by Andrews. With charming head-bobbing moments, to passionate earth-rumbling scenes, the video certainly paints the personified image of the ego.

Daysormay attack each new live show with a relentless energy of a band on the verge. Their history of stunning audiences is extensive, from at home in Canada, to headline shows in Europe, including The Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), The Great Escape (England), Bumbershoot (Seattle), as well as support slots on stages with Cold War Kids, Tessa Violet, Peach Pit, and Walk Off The Earth. “Ego” is currently available worldwide, off of T∆G Music.

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