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Brooklyn’s DEAD LEAF ECHO are pleased to present a brand new single: “Boo”.

With its baggy percussion, skyscraping sonics and soulful vocal callouts, “Boo” wouldn’t have sounded amiss on the dancefloors of the Boardwalk or the Hacienda in their prime.

An intentional indie-dance anthem of the classic kind, the new single was written in part as a tribute to the late Denise Johnson (Primal Scream / New Order), the Mancunion powerhouse vocalist who brought so much warmth and character to some of the Madchester movement’s most memorable moments.

But while Johnson’s spirit can undoubtedly be felt in its infectious choral hooks, on a deeper subconscious level, it’s also a song that finds DLE frontman L.G. Galleon haunted by paranoid thoughts of subterfuge, spooks and unwelcome surprises. As he explains:

“Boo was written five years ago when I was pressed by my girlfriend at the time to write a joke “Manchester” song with a hook. It quickly morphed into a partial ode to Denise Johnson who passed away during the pandemic and also into a creepy Halloween song about surveillance, discovery and scaring your “Boo” with the truth about all your hidden secrets.”

“Boo” will be the title-track of a brand new EP from the Brooklyn collective confirmed for release on the PaperCup Music label (Drug Couple, UV-TV) early next year. A five track release, it will be released both digitally and on vinyl by Moon Sounds Records and will feature new artwork from V23’s Timothy O’Donnell (The Birthday Party, Pale Saints), Roy Burns III (Stiff Little Fingers, Sun Kil Moon), and Gary Prendergast (cutshapemake).

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