Diamond Lake “Fazing”
lines drawn in the shape of a diamond

Diamond Lake “Fazing”

Noir is the new album from Minneapolis-based trio Diamond Lake, showcasing an atmospheric and expressive vein of rock. Diamond Lake creates cinematic music, powered by songs based on the collective unease in the modern world and the part technology plays in it.

That’s what you get when you take a visual artist, a filmmaker, and a software guru and make a rock band. Their music is high-spirited with periods of melancholy. It’s raw while smart. Danceable while not dance music. Emotional while not emo. It hits you in the moment, then sticks with you for days, just like a good movie.

The Diamond Lake live show is an expressive, visual experience, incorporating film, art, and animation, it’s as much a reflection of their storytelling as the music itself.

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, then relocated to Minneapolis in 2014, the trio consists of Jarrod Riddle (vocals/guitars/keys), Ollie Bauer (drums/programming), and Andy Gruhn (bass/keyboards). Their first studio album Spirits was released in (2014), and the dynamic, melody-driven, dance rock EP, Changes in late (2018), followed by the cinematic EP, Mirrors (2019).

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