Diamonds and Guns “Cheers To Us”
Black and white photo of the band in front of a non-descript wall

Diamonds and Guns “Cheers To Us”

Over the course of a year, the band has had a handful of gigs thanks to a home demo, started collaboration with the booking company UNDERGROUND. The band received the Drivkraft scholarship from SV Vuxenskolan 2019, 2020, 2021.

At the end of 2019, the group changed their drummer to former Collossus drummer, Thomas .

The band performs punk rock / punk’n’roll with straight pipes, cocky attitude, technical drums and with a party feeling.

We’ve probably thrown in a love of blues in the mix too!

People have said that we are similar to or have the feel of bands such as; Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphy, Turbonegro.

The band name, Diamonds and Guns, is a tribute to America’s west coast punk rock, which is the great influence of the band members.

Diamonds and Guns consist of;

Kim Johansson, bass.

Thomas Norstedt, drums.

Pontus Åberg, lead guitar + vocals

Victor Ekvall, guitar + lead vocals

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