Dolly Dagger “Tower”
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Dolly Dagger “Tower”


In a world where upheaval and chaos often pave the way for unexpected opportunities for growth and change, Dolly Dagger unsheathes her sword in an unapologetic and explosive alternative/ dark pop single ‘Tower’ (out Wednesday, April 10).

Released alongside the mythical, self-directed music video, the Australian-born, but now Los Angeles-based artist is also announcing that she is making the long haul back for a few special shows in Melbourne.

Since calling LA her home, Dolly Dagger and her angst-filled pop rock landed her as an official Schecter guitar artist and garnered attention from the likes of** Rolling Stone**,** Australian Music Scene**,** Grimy Goods**,** Backseat Mafia**,** LA Weekly**, and placed on multiple editorial playlists across** Apple Music and Spotify**.

Now, inspired by a year of enduring adversity around her character, self-identity and trust, ‘Tower’ references the tarot card – representing growth, shedding baggage and moving onwards and upwards. Dolly speaks on the meaning behind the track:

“We all have those moments in our lives where we make it out the other side of something impactful or that changes us and making it out is one thing, letting it go and reclaiming your power or confidence is a whole other challenge. This song presented as real opportunity to vent but I didn’t want to give any more power to the past so instead of repeating it negatively, it was important to me that the lyrics depicted what I did about it and how I recovered from it or how I felt pulling myself out of it not as a victim but as a victor of my own self and identity.”

With this intent to take charge, the unwieldy track is saturated in Jesse McInturff’s commanding guitar riffs, Louie Diller’s (drummer/ production/ co-writer) combating drums/ synth pads, and Dolly’s imperishable warcries. The culmination of powerful breakdowns, serrated guitar riffs and electric vocal lines meets adversity with the tip of a blade, ascending in triumph.

‘Tower’ comes with Dolly Dagger’s conquering self-directed/ produced, medieval-inspired music video. Clad in armour and wielding weapons, Dolly and Jesse McInturff are set against a backdrop of castles, dragons, perriling headlands and a cold great chamber. Adorned in various outfits, props and sets all built by Dolly, for a clip that was also entirely conceptualised and directed herself, the visuals perfectly tie into the powerful lyrical metaphors in the song.

It’s no surprise that Dolly’s  creative vision has her not only directing and producing for herself but for local artists alike and has been featured in Billboard, Kerrang! and Knottfest.

Dolly Dagger’s triumphant single ‘Tower’ and its accompanying music video will be released on Wednesday, April 10. For her Australian fans, she will launch her single in Sunbury, VIC on April 14 at Little Lucy’s Lounge, with more AUS shows TBA.

Upcoming Shows
April 14 – Little Lucy’s Lounge, Sunbury VIC | All ages 4pm – 7:30pm
June 3 – Whisky A Go Go, Sunset Strip LA

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