Drive Through Hazy “Critter”
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Drive Through Hazy “Critter”

Denizen Records are excited to share the release of Drive Through Hazy’s second single ‘Critter’. The Norwich born duo have been creating electronic, trip-hop inspired music together now for a year. After making the move to Nottingham, it didn’t take them long to get noticed by BBC Introducing and key figures in the Nottingham music scene, earning them a reputation as one to watch.

The Drive Through Hazy duo make the perfect team, with Bridget Holmes as principal songwriter, lyricist and singer and Joe Antill as producer, arranger, and all-around instrumentalist. This harmonious pair’s experience prior to Drive Through Hazy has certainly enabled them to hone their specific musical talents.

Bridget is a classically trained musician, whose solo musical career comprised of acoustic piano, vocal and flute performances. Joe’s previous solo musical endeavors were quite different, playing electric guitar for many years and producing drum and bass music. This union enabled Bridget’s acoustic compositions to be brought to the next dimension with Joe’s high production and instrumental skills. The pair bonded over their mutual love of trip-hop music. Bridget’s sultry voice and eerie lyrics combined with Joe’s experimental electronic production is a promising concoction for great trip-hop.

‘Critter’ will take the listener on a dark and mysterious journey with its chilling narrative and haunting melodic lines. Bridget wrote the song about someone in her real life, who she has personified as the Critter. “The Critter is meant to embody someone that is self-centered, inward-looking and ego driven” she explains, “However, despite all of this, people still love them and go out of their way to be close to them. Do you know a Critter too?”, she adds.

Recorded by Music Producer Guilds 2021 breakthrough engineer of the year Shuta Shinoda, ‘Critter’ is a perfect showcase of what this band can do, mixing a futuristic sound with a nostalgic airy vocal that will never go out of style.

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