Ed is Dead “Wolfram Alpha”
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Ed is Dead “Wolfram Alpha”

Versatile Electronic music producer Ed is Dead released his new single, ‘Wolfram Alpha’, on the 26th of May via the label he founded, Idioteque Records. The single was premiered by tastemaker thissongissick and radio broadcaster SiriusXM. The official visualizer was created by digital artist Emilia Grima.

The single follows his 2022 release titled_ ‘Heartbeats’, which is the official soundtrack for the commercial he co-created with AUDI and the Real Madrid Football Club. He has previously featured in Mixmag Caribbean as well as DJ Mag España, where his album was listed as one of the 10 Best Albums _of 2017. His LP Your Last 48 Hours was named 2018 Electronic Album of the Year by Mondo Sonoro. Not to mention being supported by the webzine El País and having his music included in BBC Radio 1 broadcaster Annie Nightingale’s Ignition Mix as well as airing on the show itself. Building a name for himself, Ed is Dead has previously been a guest on the largest late-night show in Spain, La Resistencia.

Born and based in Madrid, Spain, Edu Ostos, better known as Ed is Dead, is a prize-winning live performer, producer, DJ, label founder, and co-owner of FBT studio in Madrid. His music has accumulated over 8 million streams on Spotify alone. The producer has a diverse range of influences, from Jungle and the oldest Hardstep/Drum & Bass to the most contemporary New Jazz, passing through basic pillars of Electronica and IDM like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, and Burial, while touching on Rock and Pop culture – from Nirvana, Björk, and Portishead, to Queens of the Stone Age and U.M.O – as well as modern sounds like SOPHIE, Arca, Little Snake to name a few. His music can be likened to Bicep, Fred Again.., Ross from Friends, and Overmono.

In 2021, he dropped his 5th studio album, GLOBAL SICKNESS as well as the official video for one of the featured songs, ‘Time Is God’, which won the Best Experimental Short Film award in 2020 at the South London Film Festival, adding to his collection of awards, specifically Best Music Video from Moscow Shorts Film Festival 2020 and Best Electronic Album from the 2017 MIN Independent Music Awards in Spain.

A riveting sequence of percussion articulations and tonal flux, ‘Wolfram Alpha’ swells with warm chords, moody vocals, and novel ear candy. Glitched-out hits pan from left to right in rapid fire, surrounding us in a barrage of sharp arpeggiation, all the while wrapping us in a blanket of sustained bass, a contrast that tickles the ears.

Ed is Dead shares: “Wolfram Alpha is a kind of online search engine that uses a computational and natural language approach to generate answers to questions, a bit like a ‘proto chatGPT’. Actually, when I started to write the song, the main voices (that are, in part, generated with AI virtual singers) said, ‘I don´t fight it, but I don´t see the sunlight’ like someone who lives.”

-Official bio

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