Elias Bendix “Pedal To The Metal”
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Elias Bendix “Pedal To The Metal”

On February 10, the Copenhagen-based alt pop artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Pedal To The Metal’. The song is presented with a beautiful music video, where an animalistic ferocity is unleashed.

With a musical backdrop that sends references to colleagues such as Jungle and Danish Saveus, Elias sings about gritting your teeth and believing in yourself – even when life doesn’t quite go in the direction you’d hoped for.

A musical pick-me-up

Sometimes the distance between the milestones on life’s highway can seem far, but ‘Pedal To The Metal’ is written as a kind of pick-me-up and reminder that it was not other people’s recognition that made him play music in the first place, explains Elias Bendix, whose own musical milestones after all include a session with none other than Prince himself.

“When I talk to friends and colleagues, I often get the impression that they see me as quite successful, musically speaking. I’ve graduated from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, released a lot of music and played more concerts than I can count. In the eyes of many, I have succeeded with my projects, but it is not always that my own perception is aligned with others”, says Elias and continues:

“I think that as humans we tend to always compare ourselves to those who are doing just a little bit better than ourselves. Those who have had a big hit and have been widely recognized in one sense or another”, he elaborates.

But Elias no longer makes music to prove something: “I do it for the sake of art and because I can’t help it. I don’t necessarily think you should chase the recognition of others, but you should do what makes you happy. That message is universal, and I hope people will take that with them when they hear the song.”

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