Emma Mowery “consider it”
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Emma Mowery “consider it”

Up-and-coming pop artist Emma Mowery has released pop angst anthem “consider it,” featuring the sound of lively instruments and passionate vocals to convey the story of the ups and downs of a modern love story. Emma’s heartfelt storytelling abilities make this song both unique and exactly what everyone wants to hear in today’s world.

“consider it” is an upbeat song that represents young love and teen angst in all of its emotional, dramatic glory. This anthem (for people who feel just a little too much, and not-so-coincidentally released on Emma’s 19th birthday) features clever lyricism, comedic self-awareness, and a slightly edgy Olivia-Rodrigo-esque pop sound, is exactly what the new generation of listeners is clamoring for.

The track illuminates Emma Mowery’s comedic brilliance, sharp sarcasm, and intellectual flair. Her ability to craft songs with witty wordplay transforms this track into a pop-punk masterpiece, solidifying Emma’s undeniable star quality. In this song, her songwriting skills shine with an intensity that mirrors the bright trajectory of her future as a singer.

Emma Mowery was born to be a star — maybe that’s why she enjoys stars’ imagery so much. As bright and hypnotic as any favorite constellation, this singer-songwriter has spent her whole life creating, honing her sound through different eras of life and committing to her craft in order to unlock her most authentic artistic voice. Now settled in Nashville, Mowery is officially ready to introduce herself to the world.

Somewhere in the venn diagram of pop-punk and singer-songwriter is Emma Mowery. Her personality visibly, noticeably shines through in her music, where she embraces storytelling balanced with her characteristic wit, playfulness, and sarcasm. Her cheeky and brutally honest internal monologue is on full display in her latest single, “consider it,” where her penchant for wordplay is front and center, too.

Music has always been in this Texas native’s orbit. Her great-grandmother was a piano teacher who instructed the likes of Pat Boone, and her parents fostered the family gift in Emma from a young age. She wrote her first song at 9 years old.

“I’m always fighting the battle of self-discovery,” Mowery says of her creative process. All her music is her own — songwriting is the place where she’s most honest with herself, she explains. And while some writers stick to a process, Mowery isn’t so rigid with herself, always leaving room to experiment and encounter happy surprises along the way. “I’m a little bit too honest and a little bit too self-aware,” she says. “But in a fun way.”

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