Errance “Guidance”
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Errance “Guidance”


Canadian producer, director, and composer Errance is set to unveil his debut single, ‘Guidance’, on the 1st of March 2024 via Société Holographique de Montréal. Errance is the solo musical project of Gabriel Gagnon, who is beginning to carve out a place for his own musical expression in the wake of a process of deep introspection, self-growth and a profound connection to nature. ‘Guidance’ is the inaugural track of his upcoming self-produced album, Errance, set for release later this year.

Before embarking on his solo project, Gabriel has boasted a prolific career as a producer and composer across various industries. From producing internationally-acclaimed records for several artists such as Daniela Andrade, MayFly and Geoffroy (just to name a few), to composing soundtracks for a number of series and short movies, to working on international campaigns advertising for brands like Yves Saint-Laurent, Crown Royal and Louis Vuitton, this sonic savant is no novice to the world of music production in all of its forms. He also shares a close musical relationship and music house with Hologramme, who incidentally co-produced ‘Guidance’.

Hailing from Montréal and currently based in Orford, Canada, Gabriel began exploring sounds and beats on his father’s Yamaha PSR-32 synthesizer at a young age. At 22, Gabriel stepped into the world of audio experimentation, securing a role as a studio assistant. Collaborating with various artists, he honed his skills in the service of others. Despite his deep love for music production, arranging compositions, and crafting sonic landscapes – however, it wasn’t until later in life, when a period of enforced pause granted him the opportunity to experiment, that he began to make space for his own musical expression. As Errance, he delivers a sound inspired by the likes of Floating Points, Mount Kimbie, Max Cooper and Jon Hopkins.

For fans of the bouncy beats and resonant sounds of Parra For Cuva and Fejká, ‘Guidance’ is an organic house track that transports the listener to a faraway part of the natural world. Reverberant echoes, shuffling percussion, lush synths and an arrangement completely devoid of monotony create a sonic experience that hints at a verdant natural scene and the inspiration and introspection that it inspires. ‘Guidance’ is soothing, yet energizing; just as the natural world is.

Errance shared: “The inspiration for this track struck me during a hike last spring; the sound of the melted snow beneath my feet, the birds chirping around me, and the echoes of my voice against the rocks of the national park all played a part in shaping its conception. I recorded various sounds to capture that specific moment. My aim was to convey a sense of elevation, a continual ascension. . ‘Guidance’ is the balance between my electronic, organic, and sensory worlds, drawing inspiration from the perpetual movement of nature that surrounds us. It beckons you to forge ahead with determination, to contemplate the horizon, introspect and maintain focus. Through this release, I feel a longing to break free, to embark on a new chapter in my life, and to generously share my sound..”

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