Fire Follows “The Puppeteer”
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Fire Follows “The Puppeteer”

Colorado Springs, Colorado -Fire Follows’ newest single “The Puppeteer” is a melodic hard-rock monster. This song is a generational masterpiece with a chorus hook that will live in your head for days and a lyrical word painting that will shed light on the fractured nature of our present world.

“The Puppeteer” is a generational piece.

The vocal layering is unlike anything else in the hard-rock space and rivals the detail and intricacy of acapella groups like Pentatonix. As usual, the instrumentation is powerful, explosive, and serves as a perfect frame in which a message and vocal of this nature can flourish. This song is so much more than just a banger, it is an experience. Though we expect a fair bit of controversy from what will be triggering language, a pure listener will understand the song’s most profound meaning goes far beyond any modern ideology or bi-partisan belief systems. “The Puppeteer” was written to tear down those strongholds, and shine a light on the manipulative nature of our present world. Once you’ve seen it… you can’t unsee it. “When they see I’ve cut my strings, they’ll call the puppeteer.” – Fire Follows

Fire Follows is the passion project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Watt. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Chris does all writing and recording at his home studio… or probably more appropriately referred to as a studio home at this point. Since its inception in 2019, Fire Follows has continued morphing and evolving. Originally with just Chris, to the eventual involvement and contribution of outside musicians, and now swinging back to more of a solo project, the Fire Follows model is very fluid, and will continue to remain flexible as touring and new material will inevitably require contributions from other players. Chris’s goal is very simple… get as many ears to hear the music as possible.

In Chris’s own words, “There are roughly 8 billion people on the planet ya? So the goal is simple, get all 8 billion to hear the music from Fire Follows. I have no interest in making a penny from FF. These songs are literally pieces of my soul, and there is something so powerful about not only sharing that with the world but trying to create an experience that pulls the listener into the energetic space in which each song was created. I always encourage fans to listen to the songs multiple times as they are written in layers, and it takes multiple listens to really get the full effect and experience those layers fully.” FF looks forward to rolling out all new music that was written and recorded in 2022 and hopes to see all of you very soon.

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