Flox “Smoke Grass”
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Flox “Smoke Grass”

“What is the point of even writing down a verse” are the first words of Flox’s new single ‘Smoke Grass’ which combines old school rhythms and vintage dub with futuristic take offs and thick bass in its innovative nu-reggae sound. Indeed, one could be reluctant to listen to this song just by the title as well as the subject. But that is precisely the idea behind the song that is not about weed but more about privacy.

Modern tendencies are more about the form than the content. And the content of this song is all about one’s choices and how our society would be far healthier if people kept their opinions about other people’s personal choices, to themselves. In this sense, the song could also very easily be called ‘Eat Chocolate’.

The infectious track comes from forthcoming seventh Flox album ‘Square’ by this solid innovator, a maniacal craftsman who regulates, to the micron, tracks of perfect simplicity of access. ‘Square’ represents a major turning point in the career of the pioneer of nu reggae. An extraordinary architect of studio production and multi-instrumentalist, who records, mixes and produces but also, for several years, performs on stage with his musicians. His trademark is a highly spatialized form of reggae with an enveloping sound, which takes both artist and listener into a shared bubble of communion.

A know-how? This gentle, smooth-headed Franco-British man in his early fifties smiles, gently mocking says: “There are so many easy ways of producing music nowadays that you might release an album not knowing that you are still learning or assimilating… Many burn their wings”. Flox practices the expert level in all areas of the game. He knows so well how much patience, precision, and passion his path has required.

Of his own productions, Flox explains, “I have to hear something. It can be a bass line, a bird, someone whistling in the street, a phrase on the radio – there are no rules.” And so, he patiently builds up his tracks in his studio, willingly reworking them for his live performances. The most important thing is simplicity, clarity, and efficiency. That each sensation is huge. Square like.

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