bandin an elevator

Christafari “ELEVATOR”

As trailblazers, Christafari is continually pioneering the genre of Gospel reggae in the U.S. and throughout the world. But the band is more than just musicians; they’re “musicianaries” (musical missionaries),…
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Flox “In The Shade”

Flox is square. Square, precise, direct. He goes straight to the point and doesn’t waste his time with useless considerations. “I have no time to shit around”, he says. So,…
3 band members standing otuside

Matt Irie Band “Run To”

The Matt Irie Band is back with another feel-good single, “Run To”. “Run To” combines sweet-sounding vocal harmonies with mellow, yet rocking guitar sounds and an overall relaxed vibe to…
man looking around a corner

Flox “Smoke Grass”

“What is the point of even writing down a verse” are the first words of Flox’s new single ‘Smoke Grass’ which combines old school rhythms and vintage dub with futuristic…

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