Gabi Sklar “Good Kisser”
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Gabi Sklar “Good Kisser”

Rising pop artist Gabi Sklar reveals the music video for her new single, “Good Kisser.”

“Good Kisser” is a sultry and sophisticated pop anthem that highlights Gabi’s captivating vocal range. “The song explores the ‘maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t’ relationship with a really good friend — it’s about that push-and-pull of intuition vs. temptation,” she says. Since releasing last month, the single has racked up 150K streams, as well as praise from tastemakers like Rolling Stone and Celeb Secrets.

For the “Good Kisser” music video, Gabi collaborated with director Justin Thorne (House of Giuseppe) to bring the song to life. “What I like most about the music video is that it allowed me to step outside of myself and play various characters,” Gabi elaborates. “I also really adore 60s glamor which made it that much more fun to experiment with different vignettes, personas and aesthetics inspired by that decade.”

Capturing the hearts of millions with her powerful vocals and dynamic songwriting, 23-year-old Gabi Sklar has quickly emerged as one of pop’s most exciting new acts. With only a handful of singles released so far, the New York-based singer and songwriter has already racked up 3.5 million TikTok followers, 1.2 million Instagram followers, and 126K Spotify monthly listeners.

Gabi works closely with Grammy Award winning multi-platinum producer Tommy Brown at Champagne Therapy Music Group, and has also worked with legendary songwriters like Diane Warren, Isabella Sjostrand, JP Saxe, Sam Romans, LionChild, Njomza, Boy Matthews, and 8ae. Continuing her evolution into undeniable pop stardom, Gabi has been actively trained by vocal coach Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson), choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson (Lady Gaga, Diddy), and performance coach KJ Rose (Lil Nas X).

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