GXTP “Contraband” (ft. Tommy Lee)
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GXTP “Contraband” (ft. Tommy Lee)

“It all stems from the pandemic and a poem. At the time there was a shortage of Guns and Toilet Paper and I read a poem by our partner Nabeel (Triple Sixx), And I said to Triple Sixx that this (poem) feels like a rock song brother and it ended up turning into a band] Jason Paul is my real name. With me there is rock but also soul involved. Tripple Sixx has always had rock and roll in his heart and this was a passion project for him. Sasha he’s a weirdo, New Mexican. Sasha also plays all of the instruments on the records.”

“It’s a really special record that derived from a poem it evolved from a real like to a real life record. Hearing Tommy Lee was incredible. It was amazing to have a rock legend bless us with playing drums on Contraband and also appear in our music video It was such a cool experience to make comedy with my friends. It was really just a few guys having fun parodying one of our favorite movies but you will have to watch it to know what I am talking about. “


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