Have A Good Day “Punch-Drunk in Love”
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Have A Good Day “Punch-Drunk in Love”


Dreamy Aussie pop duo Have A Good Day are making a comeback with their newest single and companion music video, ‘Punch-Drunk In Love’ (out now). ‘Punch-Drunk in Love’ is an ode to the youthful kind of love that knocks someone off their feet, turbulent and exciting.

Have A Good Day took off after their 2023 debut, with their first single ‘Somebody, Nobody’ drawing attention from all sides, attracting glowing reviews from the likes of Triple J, Pilerats, and MTV — it was even nominated for WAM Pop Song Of The Year.

The next release from “Live Nations – Ones to Watch 2023” Have a Good Day, is an uplifting, lyrically dense love song. The song is about the turbulence of love, even in the best relationships. “Punch-Drunk” which means “dazed” or “stupefied” describes the feeling associated with a whirlwind romance. Fans of artists like Chappell Roan and Muna are sure to love this 80’s inspired Pop song.

‘Punch-Drunk in Love’ is a subversive, wavey pop song, with chilled-out vocals and an 80’s synth flair. The lyrics straddle the line between sad and optimistic. This song is a youthful, woeful anthem that manages to be both bittersweet and upbeat.

The lyrics band together to tell a story of how it feels to love someone so much you lose yourself, nothing else in the world seems to matter (for better or for worse). It touches on the singer’s partner’s toxic family and how their love feels like a solace.

Released alongside it is a trippy, colourful music video that captures the wavey, unique nature of the song, matching up with the quirky, dreamlike vibe of the song, shot in beautiful, highly-saturated locations.

Get lost in love with Have A Good Day’s new single ‘Punch-Drunk in Love’ and companion music video, out now.

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