HEALER “Wake Me Up”
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HEALER “Wake Me Up”

Rising from the ashes of a once thriving but now forgotten fishing town, HEALER are an Alt-Indie quintet, consisting of Steve (vocals), David (guitar), Kirk (guitar), Tony (bass) and Jazz (drums).

HEALER are a band that let their music do their talking and they have one simple message–they refuse to be ignored. Since their inception in 2022, HEALER have swiftly climbed the ranks of the local music scene, supporting Britpop legends Sleeper and Welsh Indie-Rockers Trampolene whilst amassing countless plays of their self released music on BBC Music Introducing, Amazing Radio UK/USA, support from This Feeling on their ‘Best New Bands’ playlist and receiving praise from TV personality and comedian Lloyd Griffith.

Now launching themselves into 2024 with brand new single ‘Wake Me Up’ (recorded at Sugar House- credits including Corella, Larkins, The K’s, Viola Beach), HEALER share their authentic experiences of overcoming a void left behind from dramatic lifestyle changes, whilst hitting out at the noise of technology in the background of it all.

In their own words:

“Wake Me Up is about wasting many years of your life chasing a high that doesn’t really exist and finally finding yourself again. It’s about the come down of entering a sobering reality for good and realising you’ve tasted an existence that is unattainable through any natural source. Ultimately, it is the disappointment of reality that eventually hits all party people.”
HEALER’s emergence from the derelict docks of Grimsby has only just begun. With new music recorded and ready to release, as well as a string of UK shows booked, which will see them share a stage with Razorlight, Frank Turner, Feeder and The Lottery Winners, 2024 is the year that HEALER are going to prove that, when a tree falls in the forest, sometimes, it does make a sound.


Upcoming Shows:

23.01.24–Polar Bear (The Sesh), Hull
03.02.24–Wilton Fields, Cleethorpes (Wake Me Up Single Launch)
09.02.24–Mama Liz’s Bar, Stamford
16.03.24–BGU, Lincoln
06.07.24–Docks Fest, Cleethorpes (with AfflecksPalace, Lottery Winners, Feeder, Frank Turner & Razorlight)

-Official bio

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