Hillsboro “Exit Plan”
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Hillsboro “Exit Plan”

After making their commercial radio debut on The Zone 91.3 as May’s ‘Band of the Month’, Hillsboro releases a new music video for ‘Exit Plan’, their latest single available digitally June 23, 2023. This is the next single off of their upcoming debut-LP which will be available September 15, 2023.

Hillsboro’s self-titled, debut LP brandishes a dark pop which encourages listeners to indulge their everyday angst. The 10-track project was predominantly self-recorded by the band, with co-production by Jon Epworth in Victoria, BC.

As the world was shutting down, Nima Walker was sinking into his own cycle of destructive whims, including severe scenes of drug abuse, destruction of property, and mental health crises. Love lost, existential agony and superfluous ambitions inevitably turned to distress, realization, and an effort to escape.

The album and its lyrics became an outlet, a diary of the darkest moments, a place of solace to record and reflect his newfound intoxication with self-ruin. Fortunately, Walker recognized that he could and needed to find a way out. All of this leads up to Hillsboro’s first LP. The album romanticizes what it feels like to be dragged out well beyond your limit, but doesn’t discredit the experience.

Hillsboro began in 2019 when Nima Walker enlisted a couple of friends to help flesh out some unorthodox demos. When Dexter Hodgins showed up with a fiddle, along with his drumsticks, what began to seep from beneath the bedroom door was the distinct, melancholic, weaving grit that the Pacific Northwest has grown fond of so rapidly. Since Hillsboro’s enigmatic start, the band has established an unrelenting presence with Oliver Hollingshead on drums, Tucker Hoey on bass and Samuel Wells on guitar.

Each member of the band started recording before they could drive, making production nearly indistinguishable from the writing process. Songs are often fully arranged and produced before any melody is laid down. This process is the foundation of the group’s ability to consistently turn out timeless songwriting.

Hillsboro has released 3 singles so far as ‘sneak peeks’ from a potential project, developing their cult following and premiering on The Zone 91.3 before officially announcing their full-length debut. Anticipation for the record has been building throughout Western Canada’s underground scenes and Hillsboro will be going on tour to support it this fall.

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