Hollow Crown “Disconnect”
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Hollow Crown “Disconnect”

Bred in the frigid heart of Buffalo’s heavy music scene, Hollow Crown has managed to find an unusual, yet calming comfort in the darkness – almost as if to use the lack of certainty they’ve faced as their guide forward. From traumatic events in formative years to failed professional and personal relationships and everything in between, the band aims to remind listeners that disappointment does not equal defeat.

Best described as energetic Metalcore with a message, Hollow Crown’s debut Album guides listeners through the five stages of grief that we often experience as humans. Spearheaded by the story of brothers Anthony and Timothy Potenza, the release leans into the heartache of their mother turning into someone they didn’t recognize following her abandonment of them as young teenagers. The first step in processing this pivotal point in life following anger and resentment was to Disconnect.

Sonically, the band bridges the gap between familiarity and innovation with ease. Articulate guitar leads meet alluring ambience underneath captivating lyrical deliveries from vocalist Anthony. It’s an intricate, yet raw sound that the DIY enthusiasts will continue to expand on as they hone an honest identity.

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