Hologramme “32”
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Hologramme “32”

Montréal electronic producer Hologramme released his new single, ‘32’, on the 7th of June via his own label, Société Holographique de Montréal. The track follows ‘Candide’, which garnered significant attention from the press, featuring in publications such as CLASH Magazine, TONSPION, Acid Stag, and House Music With Love as well as playlist support on TSUGI Radio. Having recently played a set on the same stage as Tycho at Timeless Festival in South Africa, he will be bringing his live performance to the Montréal-based music festival Piknic Electronik later this month.

Stage name of the musician and composer Clément Leduc, Hologramme is known around the world for his musical collaborations in cinema in addition to having collaborated with artists such as Lunice, Fakear, Ouri, and Geoffroy. His sound brings Camden Cox, James Carter, and Lost Frequencies to mind.

New single, ‘32’ shows a new side to Hologramme’s style. In it, we hear the influence that boundary-pushing acts like Bonobo and Jamie xx have had on his artistic development**.** Disturbing the peace, the record ripples with waves of ominous tonal bleeps, dark bass notes, and unconquerable percussive hits. All in all, a devious dance track for the satisfaction of the nocturnal.

Hologramme tells us: “With my new work, I’m reconnecting with the very purpose of my project: to play. Being Hologramme, I have the feeling I can do whatever I want, as long as it’s fun. 32 is pure impulsion. It’s me playing some synths in the studio and finding just the right amount of weird, catchy, and uplifting. I got the chance to perform it last summer at different festivals and I never saw my crowd turn up like that. Definitely a banger – would recommend.”

Upcoming Live Dates:

June 25th – Piknic Electronik – Montreal, Canada

-Official bio

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