Homes At Night “Texaco”
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Homes At Night “Texaco”

Homes at Night — the Nashville-based pairing of songwriters Hank Compton and Aksel Coe — present their new single, “Texaco,” out now on Hazel Street Records.

Their new single, “Texaco,” highlights the duo’s knack for delivering catchy yet heartfelt alt-rock hits. It’s a perceptive single about embracing life’s transitional moment and letting go of toxic habits in order to grow.

“I wrote this song from the perspective of an unhealthy relationship that emphasized my addiction, which is somewhat biographical,” Hank says. “The production needed to sound like a release or detachment, hence the dramatic, massive final chorus. I really hope the song can give people comfort and support that they’re not alone in the process of cutting off the habits inhibiting their lives.”

Homes at Night blur the boundaries between genre and generation with their alternative pop/rock anthems. It’s a sound that’s both nostalgic and modern, layered with organic instruments, synth-driven soundscapes, cinematic hooks, and a percussive pulse. On their debut 2022 EP, If You Were a Stranger, the bandmates blend their indie sensibilities with story-driven songwriting, nodding to their Nashville roots while simultaneously pushing far beyond them.

In addition to their growing streaming presence, Homes at Night are also taking their explosive sound on the road. They are currently on tour with Saint Motel and will be joining Arts Fishing Club for dates in May and June.

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