Horizon Theory “Darkness”
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Horizon Theory “Darkness”

Michigan-based band Horizon Theory has just released their latest single, “Darkness.” The song features the powerful vocals of Josh Harrington, accompanied by Chris Black on guitars, Luen Murr on bass, and Jeff Hafer on drums. In the lyrics, Harrington addresses the mental turmoil that comes with regret and the aftermath of a bad decision. The haunting melody and intense instrumentals perfectly capture the emotions of the lyrics. Fans of the band’s previous work will not be disappointed with this latest release.

“I wrote these lyrics about the aftermath of a bad decision. What happens to you mentally when you do something you shouldn’t have and now you have to live with it. Things can get pretty dark in your own mind knowing you can’t change the past” – Josh Harrington, Vocals


Horizon Theory is a group of musicians that have joined together to create a soundscape for the future they envision. All of the which have cut their teeth in current or former bands and learned through the years what it takes to create a sound that will evoke emotion in listeners. Horizon Theory has the ability to take you on an emotional roller coaster while maintaining a hard rock sound with metal elements. Meaningful riffs, groove-oriented bass, tasteful and tribal drum beats, and soaring vocals lead the path to a fresh yet familiar sound that will be a staple of this band for years to come.

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