Hunter Blair Ambrose “Next To Me”
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Hunter Blair Ambrose “Next To Me”


Hunter Blair Ambrose is a pop singer-songwriter and musician born in Indianapolis, IN with origins in New York, NY. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Hunter is known for her powerfully distinctive vocals, vast range, tight melisma-flourished delivery, fashion forward styling, and provocative visuals to accompany her artistry. Influenced by pop titans such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Janet Jackson, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, and more, Hunter has successfully borrowed sonic and visual queues from her idols, while creating a sound, image and style that is unequivocally her own.


As an artist and writer, she has explored multiple genres, but has made a name for herself with her signature sound blending her Pop and R&B influences. Hunter’s talents extend themselves to multiple creative mediums including music, acting, and theater. A lifelong student of music, art and performance, Hunter began formal vocal and piano training in early childhood. In her early years, she began learning and training in classical vocal styles at only 6 years old. Following years of classical study in voice and piano, Hunter found her true passion and a natural inclination in pop music and began taking on additional private vocal training with pop focused instructors. She soon started performing in the local Indianapolis music scene and was represented by local talent agency, Blonde Entertainment. Hunter’s professional career began as a teenager under the mentorship of Grammy Award winning pop producer and songwriter, Narada Michael Walden, who discovered her innate musical talent. With Walden, she began her singing and writing career at 17 years old, recording her first original material, all of which she co-wrote.


At 18, she was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. While attending school, she performed extensively throughout the nightclub circuit in New England while beginning to write her own original material. Hunter participated in various shows sponsored by Berklee College of Music and was involved in Voices of Berklee, a showcase of some of the prominent vocal talents of each graduating class. After attending Berklee and relocating to New York City to further her career, Hunter met fellow Berklee College of Music alumni, producers Jason Strong (Gayle, Mothica, Salem Elise) and Jannek Zechner (Estate of David Bowie, Tony Visconti) . The three created a core team to write, produce, and record what would become Hunter’s first official works as a solo artist. These sessions took place in New York and Los Angeles. These releases included an EP, “Scorpio Rising” (2020), and Hunter’s debut album, “Scorpio Season” (2021). Both projects were met with universal critical acclaim. The projects were supported by several singles and music videos including the viral song “November” which featured an interpolated sample of Lady Gaga’s 2010 hit “Alejandro”.”November” garnered heavy attention worldwide via social media and radio promotion.

Hunter Blair Ambrose has performed and promoted her music across the United States since 2019 including appearances at New York Fashion Week 2023, The Rainforest Fund Benefit Concert (Carnegie Hall), Breaking Sound Los Angeles, We Found New Music, New York Fashion Week 2019 and Phoenix Fashion Week 2019. She is currently in the process of preparing new single releases and videos for release in 2024 as a follow up to her album “Scorpio Season”.  Her latest single “NEXT TO ME” is a synth-pop love song that is equal parts mid-tempo banger and power ballad. “NEXT TO ME” was co-written by longtime collaborator and producer Jason Strong in the fall of 2022. The song’s lyrics serve as a confession of love and devotion to a somewhat unsuspecting love interest and an expression of making the decision to give into falling in love. It was also written about making the conscious decision to give your entire heart and soul to someone and the desire to have them by your side through the ups and downs of life.

In addition to her music career, she is also an actress and has appeared in several independent films and off-Broadway productions in Los Angeles and New York respectively.

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