Huxley “Flesh & Bone”
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Huxley “Flesh & Bone”

New Jersey based, heavy rock band HUXLEY has released the official music video for their newest single, “Flesh and Bone.” Directed and Edited by Tom Flynn, “Flesh and Bone” showcases the New Jersey rock darlings penchant for passionate vocals backed by superior songwriting and instrumentation.

“This is a very personal song for us. We are dealing with the struggles of life and coming to terms with only being human. That’s ok! You don’t need to be anything else but just simply you, and you should always continue to fight for it no matter what’s against you!” – HUXLEY

Born from the indelible ashes of the dark and raucous metalcore scene, comes the latest musical incarnation from friends and veteran rockers now known as Huxley. With a revved up, more melodic, and musically-textured sound, the band is making waves and giving fans of rock the new noise they’ve been searching for.

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