Iam Nothe “Path of Least Resistance”
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Iam Nothe “Path of Least Resistance”

Iam Nothe is the solo outfit of Spyreas Sid, frontman of Cyanna Mercury(2014-2017) and Cyanna(1999-2013), two of the most prominent alternative rock bands in Greece in the ’00s and ’10s. Spyreas was the lyricist and with his brother Nick, the main songwriters of both bands and together they released numerous albums, EPs and singles, they toured Greece, the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia) and did a round of European festivals (Switzerland, Germany) and performed live on Greek and French TV.

With their second band, Cyanna Mercury, the two brothers were invited to perform in Mezzo Voce for french national TV in 2014, releasing their best work two years later, “Archetypes”, an album that was widely distributed around Europe in vinyl format. Cyanna Mercury disbanded in 2017, and soon after Spyreas started composing and producing his debut solo album as Iam Nothe.“The Grand Design”is due for release in September 2022. Two singles have already been released, “Lord You Are The Cure” and”Babylon Burn”.

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