I’MMORTAL “Supervillain”
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I’MMORTAL “Supervillain”



Alt-pop powerhouse I’MMORTAL dropped her second single, the sizzling ‘Supervillain’ via her own imprint, Immortality. The track landed support from notable tastemaker EARMILK. I’MMORTAL is a New York and London-based music producer, vocalist, visual artist, and creative director. This track was produced by I’MMORTAL herself, with additional drum programming by Duanna. The track was mixed and mastered by Mikaelin “Blue” Bluespruce, who has worked with giants in the industry such as Solange, Mariah Carey, Blood Orange, Skepta, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning Broadway musical Hamilton’s Mixtape album.


I’MMORTAL launched herself into the digital sphere in August 2023 with the release of her debut tech-house single, ‘Versace Spaceship’. Despite being relatively new to the music scene, I’MMORTAL has seen a steady incline in streams, monthly listeners, and hundreds of organic playlist placements, with her first two singles garnering 50K streams across platforms. These singles and ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM’ are accompanied by tripped-out psychedelic music videos.


Hailing from California, I’MMORTAL spent her childhood and teenage years playing violin in orchestras, unknowingly developing composition skills crucial for her current music production. With a theater background, she discovered her love for singing during high school musicals. Despite a fondness for classical music, she’s an avid listener of EDM, drawn to its gritty basslines and synthetic production. Attending raves after high school inspired her to start producing music, blending her orchestral, theatrical, and EDM experiences to shape her sonic identity. I’MMORTAL’s audio-visual synesthesia makes fusing otherworldly visuals to her imaginative beats only come naturally to her. She enjoys collaborating with artists of diverse backgrounds to create mind-bending audio-visual masterpieces. Her campy visual work often encompasses themes of death and rebirth, the natural world versus artificial constructs, femininity, and her AAPI identity.


With a sound influenced by Sevdaliza, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey, Bjork, SOPHIE and many other femme avant-pop luminaries, her sound is sure to be enjoyed by fans of those artists and  Alison Wonderland, Zhu, Deadmau5, Pastel Ghost and Billie Eilish.


‘Supervillain’ opens with mischievously infernal orchestral strings, setting a playful yet defiant tone for the rest of the song. An infectious four-on-the-floor ushers in I’MMORTAL’s anthemic vocals, which whip the listener up into a sassy frenzy as her campy, catchy techno take on Bach’s iconic ‘Toccata and ****Fugue in D minor’ makes for a diabolically cinematic soundtrack to be bold to.


I’MMORTAL revealed: “’Supervillain’ is a campy electro-pop song I wrote with the intention of reflecting a people-pleaser’s fantasy of being the villain. I wanted the lyrics to be simple, cheeky, and relatable to those who feel like they have been nice and compromising for too long. I produced the song to be campy and grand, but to feel both old-timey and futuristic at the same time. I wanted listeners to feel like they are at a rave in Dracula’s castle. Thus, I sampled the notes from Bach’s classic Toccata and Fugue in d minor (Dracula’s song), but changed the articulation of the notes and also added some grace notes to better fit my track. I most enjoyed creating the switch up in the last chorus. As a producer, there was something very satisfying to me about placing a gliding, gritty, and electronic bassline underneath a string arrangement sampled from a piece written in the 1700s by Bach.”

-Official bio

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